Netflix vs Cinema
The cinematic boxing match

100. Zack Snyder's Justice League

23 days ago

It's Finally here!! #releasethesnydercut can stop (as if). After being decidedly underwhelmed by 2017's Justice League, Tosin, Shaun and Sharon examine if the 2021 version is any better.

includes why Superman's Black costume is nonsense Why Wonder Woman was given terrible lines to say throughout the entire 4 hours Why this movie even has to be 4 hours

and in less contentious news, Tosin and Sharon try to guess Shaun's top ten films of the 2010s.

Is Netflix killing cinemas? Each week we weigh up what we've seen in cinemas with what we've watched online at home and figure out which provided the best time. At least, we did before COVID jumped in and declared Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and friends the winner.

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