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S4E6 - CINEMAS ARE BACK 6: Dame Diana Rigg; Cinemas back in Lockdown?; Film Buff: Seb Junemann; The Peanut Butter Falcon; High Score; All Transformers movies

3 months ago

Au Revoir Dame Diana

Just before we hit record this week, the news broke that Dame Diana Rigg, legend of TV and Film had died. After we hit record, Shaun reminded us of this and we chatted about how she came to our notice, and then stayed there.

We also chat the possibility of Cinemas closing again due to tighter COVID restrictions in England, invite film buff Seb Junemann onto the show to save us in the absence of any new films in the cinema this week, and stare bewildering at Shaun as he watches all 5 Transformers films on purpose.

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