Netflix vs Cinema
The cinematic boxing match

120. Candyman VS The Stand; Censor VS Bad Day for The Cut; Our Ladies VS Sweet Girl

11 months ago

After a week's break because Tosin forgot the recording equipment, we are back in Cinemas with Tosin recalling and revisiting childhood trauma with Candyman (never saying that 5 times in a mirror), Sharon rather offended by Our Ladies and Shaun very impressed by Censor.

At home, tosin finds out what would have happened if Taken had gone the whole hog and been made in Ireland (instead of just having an Irish lead) with Bad day for The Cut; Sharon watches a Stephen King Update in The Stand, and Shaun watches Jason Momoa punch Big Pharma in the face till they change their ways in Sweet Girl.

Is Netflix killing cinemas? Each week we weigh up what we've seen in cinemas with what we've watched online at home and figure out which provided the best time. At least, we did before COVID jumped in and declared Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and friends the winner.

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