Netflix vs Cinema
The cinematic boxing match

211. Thanksgiving VS Joe Pickett; Wish VS Eric Winkle Brown; Next Goal Wins VS Scott Pilgrim takes Off

4 months ago

IN CINEMAS (Full house for first time in a long time)

  • Shaun sees Eli Roth Holiday mayhem in Thanksgiving
  • Tosin sees Disney celebrating 100 years in Wish
  • Sharon and Shaun make the most of their Cineworld Unlimited cards and A preview screening of Next Goal Wins


  • Sharon keeps Paramount+ in Business by seeing Joe Pickett
  • Shaun takes us into reviewing Youtube stuff with Eric Winkle Brown on Armoured Carriers
  • Tosin watches Scott Pilgrim takes off on Netflix, which should be right up his street, shouldn't it?

Is Netflix killing cinemas? Each week we weigh up what we've seen in cinemas with what we've watched online at home and figure out which provided the best time. At least, we did before COVID jumped in and declared Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and friends the winner.

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