Netflix vs Cinema
The cinematic boxing match

122. Copshop VS I Am Wrath; Respect VS Solos; Malignant VS No Man's Land

10 months ago

In Cinemas this week, we all marvel at Alexis Louder stealing Copshop from under the noses of Frank Grillo and Gerard Butler who were busy being manly, Shaun (as Shaun does) sees more films at Cinema than anyone else with Malignant and Respect (makes us wonder where to go for the music biopic now).

At home with Netflix and friends, Sharon goes double Grillo with No Man's Land, Shaun catches John travolta's stab at Geriaction with I am Wrath and Tosin catches Amazon's pandemic project SOLOS.

Is Netflix killing cinemas? Each week we weigh up what we've seen in cinemas with what we've watched online at home and figure out which provided the best time. At least, we did before COVID jumped in and declared Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and friends the winner.

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